September 6, 2010

Domku Cafe in DC

I went to Domku Cafe with my boyfriend over the weekend to try out this Scandinavian restaurant in the Petworth area of DC. It was kind of a disappointment, altho the mixed reviews I'd read prepared me. To start we had the Nordic fish plate and mushroom and barley soup.

For zee main course I had a plate of 6 mushroom and sauerkraut pierogies, one of which was just an empty noodle.

And my bf had two other appetizers, the Georgian meatballsand Pigs in a Blanket, with sausage instead of hot dogs.

This place doesn't provide great value, and my pierogies (see earlier post) were much better. Domku should give you the choice of boiled or sauteed pierogies, and you should be able to mix the different types instead of being forced to have 6 of the same type of pierogi. The fish plate was pretty good, but some of the smoked salmon was so chewy it was inedible. I'm glad we had the gift certificate, and we both agreed we probably wouldn't go back.

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Light salads on a beautiful summer evening

Fresh baguette, tomato salad with EVOO, basil, salt, and white bean salad with EVOO, lemon juice, basil and salt.
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