April 3, 2010

Saturday breakfast

Okay, so maybe daily blogging was a bit ambitious. I am still gung-ho about making fresh food and trying to do my part to help in this Food Revolution that our country so desperately needs. This morning I decided to take a break from my usual oatmeal, and instead I cooked some bacon and hash brown potatoes with green peppers and onions. I recently discovered frozen hash brown potatoes (basically julienned potato matchsticks - is that redundant?) after watching Paula Deen make a quiche with a hash brown potato crust. They are so amazing and versatile. I know, Jamie Oliver would probably want me to start with fresh potatoes and cut them up into matchsticks, but I'm not quite there... yet. I sauteed chopped onions in a little olive oil, then added one chopped green pepper, and then added the potatoes and a little salt. I let them brown on the bottom, flipped them, then sprinkled the top with chili powder and paprika. This was a recipe taken from Williams Sonoma's Breakfast cookbook. It calls for red and green peppers but I only had green. It was actually pretty delicious. And a little bacon now and then is a good thing. Please excuse the small piece of bacon in the picture - I almost forgot to photograph the end result.

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Anonymous said...

You told me about these!!!
(this is from Marta by the way)