June 29, 2007

Poached Eggs and Other Goals

So I made my first attempt this morning at poaching an egg, just like I saw Martha do it on her show the other day with Martin Short. Ok, so maybe I didn't follow Martha's example to a tee. Which is probably why my egg did not come out looking like Martha's when it was done. Apparently it's not that easy. I think my first mistake was using a pot instead of a more shallow saute pan or skillet. I also vaguely remember hearing somewhere that a splash of vinegar in the water helps the egg stay together, which of course I did not do... I'll be on Martha's website researching this technique right away, as it is one I'd like to perfect.
My "other goal" is to learn to make Beef Wellington - something I've never eaten and probably would never order from a menu - but an important recipe nonetheless. The truth is, I've just started watching "Hell's Kitchen," the FOX reality show with chef Gordon Ramsay and wannabe chefs competing to run their own restaurant (this season it will be in Las Vegas). Ramsay yells and swears nonstop at the contestants, and sometimes there is so much bleeping from the censors that I actually cannot figure out what he's saying. Anyway, one of the main dishes at the competition restaurant is Beef Wellington, and from what I can see, it is not an easy dish to get right. So of course, I must master it!
Maybe I'll start a list of things I need to learn to do successfully:
poach an egg
make beef wellington
ok that's a start!

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