March 1, 2011

Last-minute Leeks!

I remembered today that I had some leeks in the fridge that will probably spoil soon if I don't use them. So I went to and looked up recipes for leeks that were quick and easy. And I found a real winner! Linguine with Leeks, Walnut Pesto and Radicchio. I kept the recipe basically the same except that I decreased the quantity of leeks (from 4 cups to 1-2 cups) and the quantity of radicchio. This meal was so fast and easy! Walnut Pesto was whipped up in the food processor while the leeks were sauteing in the pan and the pasta water was heating to a boil. I also used bucatini instead of linguine.

I was at the Italian Store in Arlington, VA the other day and found that they carry Garofalo pasta, a delicious and very al dente pasta from Gragnano (Naples.) The very same brand that my family in Salerno uses. So needless to say I was excited to try it out. I would definitely make this recipe again. Easy, Fast, Healthy, Vegetarian, Tasty - a real winner!


Allison said...

Oh for the love of Leeks! I hadn't even thought of searching out more leek recipes. Oh and I do love them so... might have to make this linguini myself.....great post!

Angela said...

This pasta is sold at my local Costco (Redwood City, CA) but I had no idea it was so special. Thanks for the family story; from now on I will enjoy this pasta even more.

Francesca said...

@Allison - it was really such a delicious recipe! I hope you try it. I'm going to put the link up.
@Angela - That's awesome about Costco! I've never seen it in our local Costco's (DC area) but I haven't been there in a while so I'll check it out. If you find the Calamarata pasta, it's often served with squid that's been cut into small pieces and cooked in a simple tomato sauce - evoo, little garlic, tomato, parsley. Yum!

Francesca said...

(PS Hence the name Calamarata (from Calamari = squid)