February 4, 2011

Basque Potato Tortilla (and Paris Mushroom Soup)

So today I made my first recipes using Around My French Table. I have to say the nice thing about both these recipes was that they were simple. Yes, I had a couple issues with the tortilla, but I'm sure that next time it will be a breeze.

I used Russet potatoes, a yellow onion, and I did use the smashed unpeeled clove of garlic, but no rosemary. The potatoes took longer than 20 minutes to become golden and tender, but not much longer. Could be the heat was too low. I put the skillet under the broiler, and waited until it got nice and golden brown.
I transfered it to a serving dish, and only then did I notice there was still some uncooked egg in the middle (in the center but also down into the middle.)

So I put it back in the pan and back under the broiler, with the oven door open, and left it probably another 5 minutes, turning the broiler off for the last couple of minutes, until it was set.

This reminded me so much of the tortilla espanola that I'm going to have to research it to remember what the difference is. I served it with a salad of romaine and arugula with olive oil and dark cherry balsamic.

Since I missed January, I decided to try a January recipe today too, so I chose Paris Mushroom Soup. I thought it was very good. Again, easy, and really delicious with the salad underneath of raw mushroom and parsley.

I noticed that in the book, it mentions thinly sliced mushrooms for the salad in the prelude to the recipe, but in the actual list of ingredients and in the directions for the salad, nowhere does it say how the mushrooms should be cut. I was about to try to quarter them or leave them whole when I reread the introduction and caught it.


lola said...

Welcome to the group! You're right these are both easy and delicious recipes.

Lizzy said...

Glad to have you join us! More exciting recipes to come, I promise :)

Cher said...

Welcome aboard! It looks like everything came out beautifully.

S.B. said...

Thanks so much for your welcome notes! I'm excited to be doing this :)