October 15, 2007

Cafe Deluxe - Tysons

Tonight I went to one of my favorite local places, Cafe Deluxe. I love both the Tysons location and the DC location, mostly because they remind me of a dear friend who used to dine with me there on a regular basis when she lived in the area.

Their cosmos are still delicious, not too pink and sweet, and not pure alcohol, but still clear enough that you know it's worth your while. Also tasted the Columbia Crest Chardonnay, which can be ordered by the glass. Very crisp and refreshing. The bread was also tasty as usual, and fresh. My only complaint was that the water poured at the beginning had a terrible aftertaste, like it had been sitting close to rotting vegetables. When I said something, the waiter brought me a new glass with water (and sans ice, since I thought maybe it was the ice that tasted bad) but it still had the same taste. Very weird.

For dinner my friend and I both ordered salads - I had the Nicoise Salad with grilled salmon, and she had the Caesar Salad with steak. My salad was quite delicious, although the green beans needed to be cooked a little longer. (What is it with uncooked vegetables these days?) It had fresh lettuce, tasty tomatoes, fresh hard-boiled egg, green beans, black olives (two, to be exact), and perfectly cooked little new potatoes. The dressing was also delicious, but became too strong only at the very end when I was finishing every last bite of salad in the bowl.

For dessert we shared the brownie a la mode. It was a really appealing presentation: the little round brownie, warm and soft on the inside but with a lovely lighter brown crust, served with 3 sweet raspberries and mint on top, alongside a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum.

The waiter seemed totally out of it the whole night, and kept trying to give us the check so he could leave. He was ok I guess, and was happy to bring me a 2nd cosmo and then dessert at the end. All in all a fun evening at CD, with some great music playing in the background, including a slow hit by Everything But the Girl, a bittersweet favorite of mine.

Did not visit the restroom but they are usually ok. And free parking alongside/underneath Crate & Barrel is a big plus.

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