October 17, 2007

I Heart Trader Joe's!

I love Trader Joe's. Many people have actually said that Trader Joe's should pay me for all of the positive "press" I give it. I love so many things at TJ's that I can't even begin to list them all, but I will list a few here. Just in case you've needed a reason to try TJ's but just haven't gotten around to it yet, here are some really good ones:

Frozen avocado - ok, my local TJ's doesn't carry it anymore, but if you can find it, get it! They are halved, peeled, pitted, and always perfectly ripe. And way cheaper than buying them fresh.

Dubliner cheese - an Irish cheddar-style cheese, DEE-licious! They have a low-fat version too, but it just can't compare to the original.

Irish oatmeal - I love the consistency when I cook it on the stove.

Great drinks including sparkling orange and lemon sodas, and refreshing pink lemonade.

Great wines at low prices - recently they've been advertising La Francesca wines - I love that name!

Fabulous frozen veggies, including Greens With Envy, Haricots Verts (green beans), broccoli, spinach, mixed veggies, roasted corn, and others...

Recently I spotted 2 newer items in the frozen section, the Southwest Chicken Quesadillas and the Calabacitas and Cheese Quesadillas. I decided to try both. I've had one of the SW ones already - you defrost it in the microwave and then heat it in a skillet. It was actually pretty good, and I ate it with Avocado's Number Guacamole (fun reference to Chem 101 and the mol) from the refrigerated section. YUM-O! Ok there was one bite of chewy gross chicken but only one, and I soon forgot about it. Ok I tried to forget about it. But really, I still recommend it. I'll keep you posted on the other Quesadilla.

Go to Trader Joe's! It is an awesome grocery store! People who work there wear Hawaiian shirts and ring ship bells and shout things like Ahoy!

But PLEASE, Trader Joe: Open an express lane for people with 3 items or less! I've been in there buying 1-2 things and had to wait behind someone with a cart full of groceries.

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Anonymous said...

Ummm . . . what about their chocolate peanut butter cups?!? Now those are the best things in the store.