October 14, 2007

Silver Diner - Always Fun

Last night I ended my evening at the Silver Diner on Wilson Blvd in Arlington. A favorite place of mine, it was the perfect spot for late-night eats. On Friday and Saturday nights it gets so packed in there - the later it gets, the more people come in (and the drunker they are).

I wasn't that hungry so I ordered the Greek Salad. I'd never had it before, but I enjoyed it, and I would get it again. Then for dessert, I got the Health Shake. Sucking it up through that fat straw made me think of fun times that I miss. Sometimes you get big chunks of banana or strawberry that pop up out of the straw. It's a real treat.

SS and SD - 2 classics that I'm always thinking of.

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Tanya said...

Love the reviews! Must take pictures.