October 8, 2007

J'ai perdu mon appetit...

So I've lost my appetite, and I'm not sure when it might come back. Does this mean that I have lost my interest in food, restaurants, exciting combinations of flavors, and innovative cuisine? No. I just don't want to try any of it myself.

Oh la tristesse...

Don't worry, though. If I taste anything worth writing about, I will still mention it here, so all of my readers (is there even one?) can read all about it.

And bathrooms - well, I'll still be filling you in on any noteworthy ones that I encounter. Like the one in the Cosi' sandwich shop/bar in Courthouse (Arlington, VA) that just does not want to flush. I think the little handle would actually turn 360 degrees around if you really tried, and it just never got to the "flush" point. Hmm. It's tricky to flush a toilet with your foot anyway, but try it when the handle just keeps turning!

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