October 29, 2007

It's just not Monday without Cafe Deluxe

So I returned for the 3rd Monday in a row to Cafe Deluxe in Tysons Corner for dinner. It seemed a little noisier than usual, but I have to admit, I like the kind of fun and crowded atmosphere in there. We were greeted by the hostess and shown to a table (a 2-top) on the edge of the bar and the walkway between tables - aka out in the open - and when we asked to have a table that was a little more set away, she brought us to the back to a 4-top where if we sat "on the inside" - that's my quote, not anyone else's - we weren't going to have our backs being constantly brushed by passing waiters, so we agreed and sat down.

My co-diner ordered the goat cheese, teardrop tomato, pine nut and mixed green salad for an appetizer. I just ate the yummy bread and butter. For an entree, my co-diner got the plate of 4 sides: chosen were Gruyere mac and cheese, potatoes au gratin, asparagus, and sauteed spinach. All in all a very bland meal. The mac and cheese was a huge disappointment and there was just so much of it that it became almost unappetizing. I like the potatoes but the other diner said they were a little too salty, perhaps due to the accompanying cheese. The spinach was pretty tasteless, and the asparagus was quite good. Just a note that a $4 side of asparagus gets you 3 stalks. That's $1.33 per stalk, assuming that the individual side order of asparagus is the same as the portion that's given in the 4-side plate. I'm not sure.

I ordered the Salmon Nicoise Salad, again, and it was good. I always think that the piece of salmon looks so small when it arrives, but then I always have a hard time finishing it. The greens were really delicious and fresh, and I like the vinaigrette. Once again, the green beans were just not cooked enough. Another minute or two in the boiling water or steamer and they would have actually had a taste.

The waitress, after clearing our plates, asked if we wanted dessert. I asked about the cobbler of the day - always a big curiosity for me - and it was Blackberry. Yum! I then asked if the berries were fresh or frozen, and she said, "I think they're freshly frozen, but I'll double check." "That would be great," I replied. And then a minute later she brought the check, with no further mention of blackberries, cobbler or anything else. Blame it on my soft voice, the noisy restaurant, the waitress' bad hearing or bad short-term memory... Either way, we decided we didn't need cobbler or coffee, and so we paid the check as it was, and skipped the cobbler.

Always a fun place to go, but skip the Plate of 4 Sides... unless you have no taste buds and don't care.

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